Thermoformed Pallets
Size :Standard or Custom
Dynamic Capacity:500kg |5000kg
Static Capacity:600kg | 4000kg
Shelf:500kg to 1000kg

WeePallet thermoformed pallets are also available at affordable prices. We have a modern thermoforming equipment capable of producing high quality and reliable plastic pallets.

In plastic pallet manufacturing industry, thermoforming is relatively cheaper as compared to injection molding.

Also, WeePallet thermoformed pallets are basically high quality HDPE/PP materials. They are durable, waterproof, strong, impact resistant and chemical resistant, like other WeePallet plastic pallets.

Remember, whichever molding process, we opt for, quality still remains an integral aspect of our pallet molding technique. All pallets are subjected to the same tests and quality verification criteria.

Quite a number of WeePallet nestable plastic pallets are thermoformed. But, again, we may also adopt it for other types of pallets, depending on the minimum order.

Although thermoforming is also an effective process, we rarely use it for our heavy duty plastic pallets. In such situation, we opt for injection molding technique to get superior performance and full control of pallet dimensions.

Anyway, you don’t have to worry about the manufacturing technique to adopt. It is the reason why we have qualified technicians and engineers. We shall evaluate your plastic pallet requirements and suggest the best molding technique.