Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets
Size :Standard or Custom
Dynamic Capacity:500kg |5000kg
Static Capacity:600kg | 4000kg
Shelf:500kg to 1000kg

All WeePallet heavy duty plastic pallets are manufactured from 100% virgin HDPE material, which makes them strong, dimensionally stable and impact resistant.

It doesn’t matter whether you intend to use them in automated or high rack processes. A WeePallet heavy duty plastic pallet is a multi-purpose and reinforced to handle any load capacity.

Our unique plastic pallet designs with 4-way forklift access, tapered entry and exit edges, make the loading process easy, convenient and fast. The large rectangular legs ensure stability, while drain holes keep all loads dry.

WeePallet plastic pallets will definitely give you a peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about the load toppling over or getting wet. There is absolutely zero chance of product damage.

A smooth molded design without nails makes WeePallet heavy duty pallets safe and comfortable to handle thereby reducing injuries at place of work and increasing productivity.

Whether you intend to use these plastic pallets for closed loop or in-house applications, they are reusable in any other operations. This makes them a perfect choice for long-term ROI.

Streamline all your loading operations today with WeePallet heavy duty plastic pallets. You don’t have to hustle anymore.